CovertAction Institute’s (CAI) mission, as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization, is to educate the public on matters related to public affairs and social movements. In order to accomplish this and related tasks, CAI will conduct, support and publish research, analysis, studies, writings and lectures. CAI will further engage in various forms of collection and dissemination of information through the organizing of events, webinars and courses.


  • *Philip Agee
  • *William Kunstler
  • *Michael Ratner
  • *Ellen Ray
  • *William Schaap
  • *James Wilcott
  • *Elsie Wilcott
  • Louis Wolf

Board of Directors

  • Chris Agee, Executive Director and President, CovertAction Magazine; CUNY, SUNY, Socialism and Democracy
  • Jeremy Kuzmarov, Managing Editor, Author, Professor
  • Michael Locker, Treasurer, Co-founder, North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA)
  • Louis Wolf, Secretary, Co-founder, CovertAction Information Bulletin and CovertAction Quarterly

Editorial Board

  • Chris Agee, Executive Editor, CovertAction Magazine; CUNY, SUNY, Socialism and Democracy
  • Sam Alcoff, Democracy Now!
  • Stephen M. BrownProgressive Radio Network, Pacifica Radio
  • Mark Cook, Investigative Journalist
  • Chris Garaffa, Host, CovertAction Bulletin
  • Rachel Hu, Host, CovertAction Bulletin; Breakthrough News
  • John Kiriakou, Former CIA Analyst and Case Officer
  • Josh Klein, Iona College
  • Jeremy Kuzmarov, Managing Editor, CovertAction Magazine
  • Michael Locker, Co-founder, North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA)
  • Louis Wolf, Co-founder, CovertAction Information Bulletin and CovertAction Quarterly

Board of Advisors

  • *William BlumAnti-Empire Report, Former U.S. State Department
  • Dennis J. Bernstein, Flashpoints, Pacifica Radio
  • *Tom Burgess, City University of New York
  • Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research
  • Jack ColhounInvestigative Journalist
  • Hester Eisenstein, Queens College and CUNY Graduate Center
  • David Giglio, Our Hidden History
  • Eva Golinger, Lawyer, Author and Journalist
  • Jennifer Harbury, Immigration and Human Rights Attorney
  • Maureen LaMarCity University of New York
  • Clarence LusaneInvestigative Journalist
  • Wayne Madsen, Wayne Madsen Report
  • Charles Hetram MohanCity University of New York
  • Bill Montross, CovertAction Quarterly
  • James PetrasState University of New York
  • Karen Ranucci, Democracy Now!
  • Margaret Ratner Kunstler, Institute for Media Analysis
  • Stephanie Reich, Investigative Journalist
  • Ralph Schoenman, Personal Secretary to Bertrand Russell
  • Mya Shone, Pacifica Radio
  • Christopher SimpsonAmerican University
  • Cliff Smith, Former U.S. State Department
  • Hobart Spalding, City University of New York
  • Jesús Rafael Velázquez, Universitario IUT Cumaná
  • Victor Wallis, Berklee College of Music, Socialism and Democracy
  • Colonel Ann Wright, Retired U.S. Army and State Department
  • Melvin L. WulfBeldock, Levine & Hoffman LLP

Staff & Volunteers

  • Chris Agee
  • Sam Alcoff
  • Stephen M. Brown
  • Mark Cook
  • Chris Garaffa
  • Rachel Hu
  • John Kiriakou
  • Josh Klein
  • Jeremy Kuzmarov
  • Michael Locker
  • Bill Montross
  • Stephanie Reich
  • Louis Wolf


Twenty-eighteen was the 40th anniversary of the founding of Covert Action Publications, Inc. and the publication CovertAction Information Bulletin (CAIB), later to be named CovertAction Quarterly (CAQ). Former writers and publishers of CAIB and CAQ have relaunched as CovertAction Magazine (CAM).

The relaunch team was headed up by the co-founder, publisher and writer, Louis Wolf, as well as tried and true investigative journalists, professors, organizers, funders, proofreaders and legal representation. The expanded team included Chris Agee, William Blum, Jack Colhoun, Michel Chossudovsky, Mark Cook, Jennifer Harbury, Bill Montross, Immanuel Ness, James Petras, Karen Ranucci, Stephanie Reich, Hobart Spalding, Victor Wallis and Melvin L. Wulf, all of whom worked with, and/or wrote for, the magazine in the past.

New talent came on board for the relaunch and included Sam Alcoff, Steve Brown, Tom Burgess, Hester Eisenstein, Victoria Gamez, David Giglio, Josh Klein, Maureen LaMar, Michael Locker, and Chuck Mohan, to name a few. All together, the expanded team specializes in a variety of social justice issues including intervention, war, covert action, intelligence, political economy, imperialism, labor, repression, surveillance, media, racial justice, sexism, environmentalism, and immigration.

The relaunch team also intends to, among other things, publish several books including an annual compilation of the best of CAM, an encyclopedia of espionage and a republication of CIA Diary: Inside the Company and On The Run by Philip Agee, volumes which will include Philip Agee’s iconic articles and papers.

In 2021, with the ongoing success of CovertAction Magazine, CAM founded the CovertAction Institute, Inc., a 501(c)(3) parent organization, to guide the magazine and formally expand its work into other areas including research, education and publications.

To support this effort, you can subscribedonate and/or purchase a full back-issue set of all 78 issues of the magazine that ran from 1978 to 2005. The set is undoubtedly an unparalleled resource of U.S. domestic and foreign policy history found nowhere else!

We welcome more talent, political savvy and diversity! Please send cover letter and C.V. to the info@covertactioninstitute.org. We are particularly interested in researchers, educators, writers, editors, web developers, fundraising and development associates, managers and Advisory Board members.